Kentucky, it was fun...
6/20/10 -A great time was had this weekend in Kentucky at the DeLorean Car show. On Saturday we set up a booth to show off our latest products. It was fun talking to so many owners and DeLorean fans. What a great mix of people. It was our single largest day of sales since we’ve started this. Thanks for all your support!! The New DeLorean Dickies Work Shirt was our most popular seller. A big Thank you to Ken and his support team for putting on such a great show. More pictures to be posted soon..
Just Arrived...
6/15/10 -Our new DeLorean Work Shirts! They are durable and look great.  We're excited to show them off this weekend at the DCS in Kentucky. These will first be available to attendees of the event on Saturday. Black cat not included.

What Car would you buy after a Breakup?
6/14/10 - After going through a rough breakup with my girlfriend a few years back, I immediately hit the road with my DeLorean and drove to the Indy Motor Speedway for the Formula One Race. Five hundred miles in a DMC-12, watching some fast cars, and smelling a little race fuel in the air is just what I needed to clear my mind. Sometimes a break up causes you to do some funny things. One of them may be buying a car. This question was posted to readers of the Jalaponiks website. The results are pretty funny.

[Source:  Jalopnik]

See You At DCS 2010!!
6/11/10 - We are excited about next week in what looks to be a great DeLorean Car Show.  This year's event is being held in Lexington Kentucky. All event details and registration can be found on the DCS Website. See you at the show!

Cass Tech High
2/28/10 - The High School that John DeLorean attended is set to be demolished. JZD attended Cass Tech from 1938-42. Last weekend I took a drive to downtown Detroit to snap some shots before it's gone for good.

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Exotic Car Meet in the D.
11/16/09 - The warm weather is fading fast in Michigan. Last Sunday was one of the few warm days we had left, so we got together with some very impressive vehicles for a little car show and drive.  There was an 800hp Twin Turbo Gallardo, a 920hp NSX, and a white 88' Countach to keep us company.

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What would DeLorean Say?
6/19/09 - What would JZD think of the auto industry today? You wonder if he would be at all surprised at GM's bankruptcy. It's too bad we can't ask him. While I caught this Detroit Freepress Article online, I didn't get a paper copy. Luckily, my grandmother saved and sent me the article!
6/13/09 -More details on the Drivers Torsion bar have been added.  Torsion Bar Details
Just Arrived..
6/03/09 -We just received our first full run of Drivers Side Torsion Bars today. More details to come soon.
DMOCO Featured on FOX's American Dad?
4/24/09 - We were happy to catch the latest episode of American Dad and see that a DeLorean was such a big part of the show. Better yet, our DMC Stainless Shift knob was used in the storyline! Whether it was done on purpose or just a cool coincidence, we're happy to get the press! Great to see the DeLorean featured so well on prime time tv.

[Watch Here]

St Pattys Parade!
3/15/09 - The day everyone feels a little Irish!  Actually two days before the holiday, but who's counting. Five local owers pulled out there Irish-built sportscars for a litttle parade action in Detroit. The sun was shining, beads were flying, and good times were had by all. And yes, that is an ewok!

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DeLorean Movie in Detroit?
3/13/09 - Hollywood producer David Permut is developing a film about John DeLorean, the late automotive innovator whose life was marked by charisma and controversy. The story would be told through the eyes of JZD's Lawyer, and may be filmed in Detroit.

[Source:  Detroit Free Press]

New Year, New Product
1/29/09 - We are starting off this new year with a new product, the Strut Tower Brace.   Check our Products Section for more details.
Back In Stock
10/19/08 - After a short delay we are happy to say that the Men's Gullwing Necklace is back in stock. Wear your stainless steel proud!
New Products for Summer/Fall 2008!
8/03/08 - We've designed a huge new set of t-shirts/products for the DeLorean Fan!  Visit our clothing section for all the new products.
Scratch -n- Dent Sale
Photoshoot in the D
5/18/08 - Last weekend Shannon of Ohio Deloreans and I got together in Detroit for some street crusing and shot-taking.  His car with an awesome ground-effect kit made for some great images.  See our pictures section for all the shots.
3/27/08 - Over the last year we’ve collected a small bin of parts that have been scraped during production. We’ll be listing these parts over the next month or so on Ebay. This is perfect if you don’t mind a couple scratches on parts to save some money. Keep an eye out for our products on sale.
Update: JZD in the Hall
2/3/08 Our friend Ray at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, MI has informed us that John DeLorean is on the list for voting this February by the Hall members. He is constantly bugging the president of the Hall about having DeLorean represented in the way he deserves. Ray tells me that JZD is often asked about during the tours at the Hall. He’s a natural and should be inducted. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!
1/1/08 - Wishing you and yours a great 2008.   Stay tuned to the website, we hope to have some new suprises for you this year.
11/26/07 - We're rolling out a bunch of fresh new products today.  These include Coffee Mugs, Pop Art Mousepads, limited run Shifter Knobs, and Detroit Inspired Wall Clocks.  Find something unique for yourself or maybe a gift for the DeLorean Fan in your family!
11/13/07 - We're wrapping up the design of a few new items. Products for you wall, your coffee, and your car. Check back soon for their release!
New Pictures Added !
10/13/07 - With a couple more Detroit photo shoots under our belt, the Pictures Section has been updated.  All images are now available as high quality desktop wallpaper.
September Necklace Giveaway!
8/29/07 - We are giving away a men's DeLorean necklace with this month.  Stop by and enter... Or register if you're not already a member!
DeLorean Motor City Site Launched!
4/27/07 - Metro Detroit DeLorean owners have launched a new great looking website for owners and fans to get together.  Stop by and visit DeLorean Motor City !!
4/16/07 - We have been hard at work on some new products to kick in the DeLorean spring/summer driving season for 2007!! More details to follow soon.
The DeLorean DMC -12 is an amazing automobile. There is not another car like it with such an amazing history and world-class design. Progressive and clean styling has helped keep this car very modern and contemporary. We are set out to provide custom, high quality parts and accessories for the DeLorean automobile and enthusiast that add to and enhance this truly unique vehicle. More products are being developed, so check back soon!
Gullwing Concepts
2-01-07 - For years automotive companies have used various methods to capture the publics attention at auto shows. Gullwing doors have been used on many concept vehicles to add to the presentation and uniqueness of the vehicle. The Ford "Airstream" Concept was such an example.  It featured an outrageous modern red interior, satin chrome exterior, and a large gullwing door. read more.
JZD in the Hall
We are currently drawing support to have John DeLorean inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame.  How can you help? Click on the link below, print and fill out the application and mail it in. We need your support!

Nomination for Automotive Hall of Fame

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