Gullwing Concepts
1999 BMW "Z-9"
This concept by BMW was intended to show off new engine and interior technologies they were developing for production vehicles.  The doors had a unique feature of opening as gullwing or standard doors to give you the ability to open them either way.
2007 Ford "Airstream"
Ford Motor Company was exploring new ways of reinventing the crossover (CUV) with this vehicle. Starting with the iconic design of the Airstream Trailers, they created a futuristic concept that has touches of the past blended with modern aesthetics.
2007 Mazda "Ryuga"
This latest concept shows how the "Zoom Zoom" is still the Mazda way of thinking. Carved, flowing lines on the exterior sheetmetal express motion and reflect the Japanese Zen Garden. Two large gullwing doors allow both front and rear passengers to exit from one door.
1972 BMW "Turbo"
This 70's concept by BMW was a Turbo 4 cylinder, mid engine car designed as show piece during the 72' Olympic games in Munich, Germany. The wide stance and gullwing doors are similar to what would be seen a few years later in the DeLorean Concept Vehicle.
2004 Volvo "YCC"
The "YCC"(Your Concept Car) was created by an all woman team as a car for women. It featured modern clean Volvo styling, no engine access(no hood), and of course, gullwing doors.
2006 Renault "Nepta"
You didn't think you could have a convertible with gullwing doors? This concept proves it is possible.  Renaults design exercise gives you doors that allow both front and rear passenger access as well as opening the engine compartment.
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